The Reptile Rainforest Roadshow™ offers a unique opportunity for you to get up close and personal with various misunderstood creatures, such as lizards, turtles, frogs, scorpions, and of course, snakes -

All in a safe, and controlled environment!

For more than 18 years, owner Darren Boyd has traveled Ontario and Quebec delivering exciting, educational and interactive presentations -

and everybody will agree - the ANIMALS are the REAL stars of the show!

The Reptile Rainforest has provided shows and displays for schools, birthday parties, daycares, fairs, mall shows, television appearances, summer camps, cubs and brownies, model photo shoots.

Just a few of the topics we cover are:

-  Animal mimicry

-  Defence in the wild

-  Camouflage

-  Reptile diets

-  Native and exotic reptiles

-  Endangered species

-  How we can protect reptiles

-  Adaptability

-  Reptiles as pets



Each event:

- Includes over a dozen live animals

- Is perfectly suitable for  ages four and up

- Can accommodate any group size

  1. -Is held at your location - we bring the excitement           to you!

- Is reasonably priced

  1. -Has feeding demonstrations, baby reptiles, and some animals that participants can touch!

Safety First!

We are experienced professionals, with many years of experience working with animals in public settings. We love what we do, and pride ourselves on providing fun, interactive learning.

Safety for the animals and audience members is our top priority!


For the security of our animals and our audience, we never perform irresponsible actions such as passing live animals through the audience, or placing them around children's necks.

Our animals are living creatures that deserve our respect, NOT toys or fashion accessories!

Live Reptiles for any event!

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reptile Rainforest Roadshow:

Where the REPTILES are  the stars!